The Moodies began in March of 1994 with three people meeting together at Indian Rivers Mental Health Center. The founder, Harley Sullivan, had been attending similar meetings in Birmingham since 1993. When he discovered that there were other interested people in Tuscaloosa, they met together for approximately six months before deciding to formally organize.

The first open meeting was held in September 1994 at the main branch of the Tuscaloosa Public Library. For a while, things moved slowly. Originally, the group tried to meet weekly, but it was difficult for people to get together that frequently. Then, it was decided to try bi-monthly. By the end of 1995, the meetings were held monthly due to the time and effort required in recruiting speakers and having formal programs for the members.

In 1998, the chapter was moved from the library to the Friendship House to accommodate the library's expansion project. Even after the project was finished, it was decided to keep the meetings at the Friendship House in order to be more accessible to the members. In November 2001, the Friendship House moved from its old location to its current location.

Group activities are provided, such as the annual Christmas Dinner, picnics in local parks, and meeting in some member's homes for swimming parties. In 1998, e-mail addresses of members were obtained in order to better keep in touch. An email newsletter, Moodies' Thoughts, has been developed and is posted to members' e-mail addresses on a weekly basis. This newsletter is used to keep in touch and also to help to remind them of The Moodies throughout the month.